Become a Member

  • New Member Initiation Fee $175.00 (refundable and required at the time to the application is submitted- if an applicant is not accepted into the Krewe this fee is refunded) 
  • Membership Dues $350.00 (required to be paid by May 1 of the current Krewe year) 
  • New Members may join the Krewe of Pandora between April 1 and August 31 
    1. If the New Member joins before May 1- dues and initiation fee will be due May 1st. 
    2. A Prospective New Member may attend the April General Krewe meeting 
    3. If the New Member joins between May 1 and August 31- dues and initiation fee will be due at the time of joining not to exceed August 31. 
    4. Dues will not be prorated for a New Member that joins between May 1 and August 31 

Membership Requirements
  • Eligibility- Females, minimum 21 years of age 
  • Participation requirements- Members are required to participate in a minimum of four (4) monthly charities from May 1 through December 31 of the Krewe year 
  • Attendance Requirements- All Krewe of Pandora members must attend four (4) official Krewe events from May 1 through December 31 of the Krewe year. Participation may consist of a blend of Krewe meetings and Official Krewe social events (i.e. Ball of Hope, Margarita Fest or the Christmas Party) For example- you could attend 4 meetings and meet your participation requirements OR you could attend 2 meetings and 2 socials and meet your attendance requirement. 
  • Typically mini-charity contribution is either, identified goods (i.e. shoes for Migrant Ministries, School Supplies for a A Gift for Teaching etc.) or a member may make a cash contribution—average value of goods or cash is $25.00 

New Members must participate in at least one of the following committee(s):
  • Float- responsible for the float structure. Seasonal maintenance, improvements etc 
  • Parade-responsible for activities on the parade day, food, any unique decorations, float clean-up after the parade 
  • Social- responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of our social events- ie Christmas Party, Ball of Hope 
  • Fundraising- responsible for the recruitment, coordination, collection etc of our monthly charities. This committee also is responsible for our biggest fundraiser of the year- our signature Margarita Fest. 
  • There are two other committees available for participation after you have been in the Krewe at least one year (Merchandising and Costume) 

Join the Krewe!

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