Making Hope a Reality

The Krewe of Pandora was formed in May 1999 to provide a setting for women to socialize, network, mentor young women and provide charitable services to the community through fundraising and volunteerism. The membership of the Krewe of Pandora represents women from very diverse backgrounds, professions and age groups in the Tampa Bay and Pinellas areas as well as some long distance members.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal women ever created by the Gods. She was molded of earth and water and once ready, the Four Winds breathed life into her. She was then given gifts from all the gods. Aphrodite gave to her unparalleled beauty, grace and desire. Hermes gave her a cunning, deceitful mind and a crafty tongue. Athena clothed her and taught her to be deft with her hands. Poseidon bestowed on her a pearl necklace that would prevent her from drowning. Apollo taught her to play the lyre and to sing. Zeus gave her a foolish, mischievous and idle nature and last but not least, Hera gave her the wiliest gift, curiosity.

Because of the many gifts she received, the woman became entitled with the name Pandora, the “all-endowed". Pandora was given a box or jar called “pithos” which she was told by the gods not to touch- however, Pandora was an avid personality and couldn't resist lifting the lid. As soon as the jar was open, all evil spirits were brought to light. Realizing the damage, she quickly put back the lid and all that remained was Hope.